TONY MOLY I’m REAL Aloe Mask Sheet

A brand from South Korea, TONY MOLY means putting styles into packaging. It was first launched in July 2006 and 10 years later, it has 825 stores in 15 countries! Their current ambassador is Lee Se-young (Jin Bu-ja in A Korean Odyssey). I love her, she’s so pretty and looks a bit like Natalie Tong – a Hong Kong actress.

Top: Lee Se-Young
Bottom: Natalie Tong
I think they look similar. Is it just me?

There are 11 types of I’m Real Mask. Picture credit goes to

Today let’s talk about TONY MOLY I’m REAL Aloe Mask Sheet. My ex-manager saw that we were all stressed out from work so she bought us some mask to try 🙂 First thing I noticed was the cute packaging. Usually masks are rectangle but the top half of this mask pack is shaped as an aloe vera. How cute is the packaging?

Isn’t this packaging cute?

Ingredient list for those interested 🙂

Price: HKD12 per masks.
Volume: 21ml
Direction: Leave on for 20-30 minutes then remove.
Mask texture: 3 layer pulp sheet
Adherence: Quite good
Fitting: Needs to fold slightly on the chin area. A bit wrinkly but overall ok.
Scent: A hint of fragrance, fresh
Rating: 2.5/5
Can you see there’s still lots of essence in the bottom? I wonder if it cause the pulp sheet cannot absorb too much essence.

The mask is pretty thin, but I’ve never used this mask with this texture before – a bit like wet baking paper?

This is one of the wrinkliest mask I’ve worn so far…

I’ve never used a pulp sheet before. It is a little bit like wet baking paper ahahaha. It is quite thin as you can see, but I don’t think it can hold much essence. As I pour the remaining essence from the pack to my face (concentrating on forehead and cheeks) it’s so watery that it drips all over my dress >.< Luckily, the essence is clear so there's no stain. Some of the essence got into my eyes and it stung a little! The scent is not overwhelming, and I wipe the remaining essence onto my neck. It keeps dripping down - major nono for me. After 20 minutes I removed the mask. It is a little tacky but my face is much more hydrated. Overall, this is a decent mask, but I won't repurchase. Have you tried anything from Tony Moly?

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