Review: SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence

This brand needs no introduction- SK-II is a world famous Japanese skincare brand. When I was little, I dreamt of using all SK-II products. It was so expensive and I couldn’t bring myself to purchase their products until I started working in Hong Kong. I went crazy and bought too much. Read all about my massive SK-II haul here.

Today’s review is on SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence. On the website it is stated this product contains a high level of Pitera with MoistureLock Complex in fine particles that can penetrate through makeup, lock in moisture and hydrates the skin. It costs RM246 for 50ml of this product.

Packaging wise, it is really great. It is small enough to go in purses or on the plane. It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle but does’t come across as cheap. Bringing this around all the time increases the chances of accidentally breaking it – so plastic is a good choice! (I always break things)

It has a super fine mists which is a plus but I couldn’t tell if it moisturises my skin. I use this to refresh myself in the afternoon or as a makeup setting spray. When used over makeup, it gave me the dewy skin effect which I love so much. It doesn’t help makeup last longer whatsoever as it it not meant to ‘set’ makeup. This spray doesn’t smell nice though – smelled like food that went bad. Yup, that Pitera(fermented sake) signature smell. When I sprayed this, my husband ran out of the room. Haha. Every time I sprayed this, I can just imagine my money flying away, and I didn’t like this getting on my hair.

Their Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) works out to be cheaper to be ‘sprayed’ onto face. RM219 for 75ml. The ingredients are quite similar except Mid-Day Miracle Essence contains 2 additional ingredients: Sodium PCA, Glycereth-25 PCA Isotearate. These 2 ingredients are skin conditioning (attracts moisture).

I got this SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence through points redeem, otherwise I couldn’t justify buying such an expensive spray. I’d recommend transferring SK-II Facial Treatment Essence to a spray bottle and use it instead. Cate Blanchett does that when Mid-Day Miracle Essence weren’t available. Or, try Avene or Bio-essence spray – they don’t have a smell, are so much more affordable, and also gives skin a dewy effect.

Which spray are you using? Please share them with me.


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