Review: Scnic Black Dual Mask Sheet Pack (Aqua White)

Another day, another facial mask review. I still have like 100 pieces of mask which are going to expire this year. So you’re going to see lots of mask review ahahah. Today’s review is on Scinic Black Dual Mask Sheet Pack (Aqua White). Scinic is a popular brand from Korea. I bought it because it was on a discount in Bonjour Hong Kong at HKD15 (RM7.50).

Scenic Black Dual Mask Sheet is a two piece black cotton mask – T zone and V zone for easier application. It contains Charcoal powder to detox pores, Aloe Vera and Allantoin to soothe and moisturize the skin, Sodium Hyaluronate and Arginine to minimise fine lines. Sounds awesome!

I applied the T-zone first, and couldn’t understand why there’s huge gaps on either side of my nose. I tried to close it but failed. I gave up, and move on to the second piece – V zone. Turns out I worried for nothing as the second piece covers the gap and fits my face so well. I love how this mask wraps around my jaw to ‘lift’ my skin. I’m surprised it’s tight but comfy, and I could move around without worrying the mask will fall off. There’s lots of serum in the pack but it’s slightly runny and will drip down my neck. There is no scent, and I love the cooling sensation it gives.

I couldn’t tell much from the before/after but felt my face is much more moisturised. However, my face felt sticky so I just had to rinse my face. I did a quick search online and there’s many good reviews on this mask. Their before/after had noticeable brightening. Why is my skin so stubborn lol. >.<" This is my new favourite mask (better than the Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask!) So sad I didn't buy more of this but first I gotta finish my other masks.
When my son saw me with this mask, he wasn’t afraid but….his reaction is so amusing. He was watching tv and every minute he would turn around and look at me. This looks like a robbery mask to me so I must take a wefie with him!

Karen Chua

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