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Review: Nestosan Botanical Beverage Mix Apple with Bird’s Nest

A few months ago, I was invited by Stephanie Chung, the founder of Nestosan to attend the event. Nestosan is a health drink targeted towards women suffering from constipation. Nestosan aims to solve constipation and at the same time, nourish the body with bird nest. Most of the product in the market such as detox tea might contain laxatives to flush out toxin, but did not contain any ingredients to nourish the body after ‘detoxing’. Their tag line:

“Nourish first, Detox later, very delicious to drink”

Nestosan Botanical Beverage Mix Apple with Bird’s Nest contains the following ingredients: Bird’s Nest, Apple powderPsyllium Husk, Oat FiberIsomalto-OligosaccharidesVegetable ChitosanProbiotics (AB-Kefir)Vitamin C.

I’m a sort of lucky girl because I seldom have constipation, but I do enjoy junk food, greasy food like McDonald’s and KFC. In Hong Kong, if the girl says “I’m willing to eat McDonald with you”, she’s a keeper because it’s the cheapest set meal available. I don’t get it at first ok, I’m like “it’s awesome I get to eat McD everyday. What’s so hard about it? lol lol”

I love junk food so much my body definitely need some detox. Three boxes of Nestosan Botanical Beverage Mix Apple with Bird’s Nest were given to me to test so here’s my thoughts:

It tastes exactly like juiced green apples, really good when chilled, slightly sour. I consumed the drink in the morning and after 3-4hours, I get intense stomach ache and within 15-30mins, I had to visit the toilet – gassy and watery stools. I went to the toilet at least 4-5 times throughout the day. It feels like diarrhoea which is really shocking as I wasn’t expecting such extreme results.

The stomach pain lessens if I continues taking it everyday and the frequency of visiting the toilet reduces to 3 times a day. However, once I stopped taking Nestosan for a few days everything goes back to ‘normal’. But when I resume taking Nestosan, I get intense stomach pain and diarrhoea exactly like the first time I drink it.

On the bright side, it made my stomach flatter and I’ve lost a few pounds. Definitely detoxed my body and I’ve noticed my skin’s clearer. It’s a nice experience, though I wouldn’t repurchase it because I don’t like the idea of visiting the toilet so many times a day. It’s really inconvenient because I can only consume the drink if I’m staying at home.

So for those who wants to try, I recommend to plan your day carefully. Imagine needing to go when you are in the car or shopping mall and the queue is super long. Lol. Also, with the stomach ache, it’s not the best time to do shopping, running errands etc.

Besides solving constipation problems, Nestosan Botanical Beverage Mix Apple with Bird’s Nest is also suitable for individuals with bad breath, skin problems and health conscious.

A box (15 sachets x 12g) of Nestoson Botanical Beverage Mix Apple with Bird’s Nest retails at RM178.

For more information, please download the app or visit their facebook:


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