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I’ve always been rather on the thin and quite flat chested. An A cup girl. It bothers me sometimes… and I’m so envious of girls who are thin with boobs – Victoria Secret Models. Sometimes I’m teased because of it, but there’s only one time I got upset. It was a few years back, and a lady told me to my face “I don’t have it, why bother wearing a bikini. My chest are huge D cup until I can’t button shirt”. Why bring down someone’s self esteem while praising yourself? I was silently scolding her “Big boobs don’t count if you’re fat”. I wished I had the nerve to say it out loud haha.

The only way to get bigger boobs is either : weight gain, supplements/creams or going under the knife. Breast are made up of mainly fat, but whenever I gained weight, it goes to my tummy, hips and thighs, but never on my boobs. During pregnancy, I gained at total of 18kg, but my boobs increased by 1.5cm. I’m also too scared to go under the knife hearing lots of horror stories not to mention it’s expensive as well. It didn’t bother me enough to take supplements or creams to increase the size until my breast sags after giving birth…That’s what started this journey of breast enhancement, so from time to time you’ll see post about boobs lol.

One of the products that caught my attention in Watson’s: KITSUI Puraria Bux-up.  KITSUI Puraria Bux-Up claims to create fullness, lifting, firmness, and suppleness of the breast. It also contain no additives, natural, suitable for vegetarians and results can be seen within 7days! I’m shock with the claim of 7days >.<

It is probably one of the more affordable supplements out there, costing RM38 per box. A box of KITSUI Puraria Bux-up contains 15 sachets. It is recommended to consume 1 sachet a day, preferably before bedtime. To maintain the effects, consume 1 sachet every 2 days. It costs RM78 (2 boxes) per month but to test for its effectiveness, I always consume supplements for 3 months before giving verdict. Bought a total of 6 boxes, a bit shy when I paid for it at the counter especially when I’m served by a male cashier. HAHA.

The ingredients: Fructose, Peach Powder, Orange Powder, Honey Dew, Citric Acid, Pueraria Lobata, Pueraria Mirifica. 
The first ingredient fructose is added to sweeten the drink. Peach powder, orange powder and honey dew are added for their tastes. Those ingredients are ‘useless’ in enhancing the breast. Anyone who’s into breast enhancing have heard of these ingredients: Pueraria Lobata and Pueraria Mirifica. They are phytoestrogens so they stimulates breast growth. These two are the most important ingredients but they are placed at the end, which means their dosage is very low. 
To drink before bed: Add 1 sachet(15 grams) to 150ml of lukewarm water. Shake and drink immediately. Drink sufficient water throughout the day for best results.
Cheers to bigger, firmer, lifted boobs. 
After testing out 6 boxes (3 months supply), here are my thoughts. Packaging wise, it is easy and convenient to carry around for travelling. It is milky beige in color and tastes sweet like diluted peach milk. Somehow it reminds me of coffee aftertaste. The taste is not my favourite  but it doesn’t matter as long as it gives me perky boobs. On lazy days, I’ve tried using room temperature water, and the powder cannot dissolve properly. There are still chunks after stirring. So, as per instruction, remember to use “lukewarm” water, but not boiling so the vitamins aren’t destroyed. It also tastes better when the beverage is warm.
For the effectiveness, I can safely say that my boobs are too stubborn for any growth. FML. For the first week, I do feel a bit fullness in my boobs, but the measurement only shows an increase of 1~1.5cm which is normal fluctuation when I’m expecting my period. No tingling or breast tenderness (which means boob growth) either. My before after measurement remains the same…On the bright side, I did not experience any mood swings or more pimples popping up (that’s what I experienced with F cup cookies). KITSUI Pueraria Bux-Up did not work for me after 3 months of testing, and that’s RM228 down the drain. Pfff, what result in 7 days? 


Puraria Bux-Up is available in Watson’s and Guardians for RM38 per box for those interested to try it out, though I’m not recommending it. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me?

While searching for other supplements or creams to try out, we can always fake it before we make it, right? Thank god for the invention of “up 2 cup sizes bras” from Cotton on and Victoria Secret. Lots and lots of padding, but it can be slightly suffocation. At least I’ll look “busty”…..until I take it off lol. 

Love, Karen

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