Have you prepared any gifts for the upcoming Mother’s Day?

My mom had a really tough job – taking care of 5 children. Growing up, it’s always like a ‘war zone’ with toys littered everywhere and it’s exhausting taking care of so many children. Tidiness is low on the priority lists. lol  When I was 12, I would try to surprise my mom by cleaning the apartment after she’s gone to bed. When she wakes up in the morning she’s so surprise the apartment is sparkling clean. Or all her 5 children will give her massages. Now that I’m working and had my own income, I would book her a massage session at Thai Odyssey and treat her lunch as Mother’s Day gift.^^

This year I found an interesting item that would make a great Mother’s Day gift, the limited collection series – Be with Me.  This is a special collaboration between Yuki Fiori(specialises in dried flower bouquet) and Inflority (specialised in preserve flower design). It’s customised photo bell jar with real preserved flower, designed in a bouquet that’s able to last 3 years and above without withering! No more excuses that flowers are expensive and thrown it out in a few days. Inflority – Be With Me is a limited collection with 3 series available, specially crafted for Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day and 520. They’re Galaxy, True Love and Unicorn.

Galaxy is Preserved Baby Breathe with Rainbow colors wrapped in mini bouquet.
True Love is Cotton Flower wrapped with preserved and dried foliage in mini bouquet. Perfect gift for the special someone in your life.^^
Unicorn is Preserved Hydrangea wrapped with pastel tone colors hydrangeas in mini bouquet.

It looks extremely pretty with the LED light and I want one on my bedside table so that I can use it as a nightlight too. Haha.

Which one is your favourite? Mine is definitely Unicorn^^.

Be With Me collection can be sold individually for RM188 and the whole set of 3 items for RM488 (saving RM76). Prices are inclusive of postage to west Malaysia and east Malaysia only add RM10 for postage.

All series are designed with LED Lighting, comes with a decent message card and a gift box.

This limited collection is a suitable gift for upcoming Teacher’s Day, and 520 too.

Quote “KAREN10” for a 10% discount.

For more information, please refer:


*Photo credits goes to Inflority*

Ethan is currently 1.5years old and this marks the second time he’s celebrating Mother’s Day with me. Is it too early to teach him this occasion is to sayang mama? After all, giving birth is really tough so he must sayang me a little la. If I hand him a bouquet of flowers to give it to me, I’ll probably receive it with a few petals left on it(dragged on the floor or chased after the dogs lol) If we have a cake for the occasion, Ethan will think it’s his birthday and claps happily. =.= I guess I have to wait for a few more years.^^ What’s the sweetest thing your child has done for you?

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