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Beauty Expo 2018

On 6th October, beauty expo launched its first ever influencers tour together under the collaboration with MadMavericks the Official Digital Media Partner. I’m so happy to be invited as one of the ‘influencers’. *shy shy*.

Beautyexpo 2018 is also supported by the Oriental Beauty Group, Ginn International(HK); the Beauty Brands Certification Platform from Korea, Star Brand Awards Int’l; and the biz lining product info management app catTHIS by the national accelerator of Enterprise Singapore. There was so much to see, that I went back the next day haha. Here are some of the booths I went to:


An all in one total skincare solution- firming, whitening, pore control, wrinkle reducing and even promote hair growth if used on scalp!

Ruby-Cell by Aphrozone: Revolutionary skincare products from Korea, Ruby-Cell is an All-in-One total solution to hydrate, firm, brighten, wrinkle reducing, pore minimising and lifting for your skin. The serum are nano sized particles, and can be absorbed deeply into the skin even if you’re wearing makeup!

The applicator set with serum costs RM1,800. The mist is so fine I couldn’t feel the ‘wetness’ but rather like gentle wind blowing on my skin. Lifting effects can be seen after 20mins of using it!

WEILAN: A mobile e-commerce platform established in 2015. The product line, FUNSACE is super cute, girly and fit for a princess.

The lipsticks are so cute and would look great on my vanity desk haha. It even comes with a tiny mirror. The powder packaging is inspired by unicorn giving it a ‘dreamy princess vibe’.

Skinphy: Simplify the philosophy of skincare. This is a site where beauty addicts can get the latest skincare trends & products.

Mask mask and more masks… from TOO COOL, MEDIHEAL, Rx COLLABO.
You still wash your hair with your hands? Japanese girls now wash using a hairbrush so the manicure won’t chip! Or, use the 24K gold hairbrush for hair growth and blood circulation. It felt super cooling on the scalp 🙂

Vibrante Essentials: A distributor for Gilda skincare line. Gilda was founded in 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden with a focus on results and active ingredients.

Gilda Cosmetic skincare lines are only sold to beauty salons. Claims to be highly effective, the person must be in the salon, and their skin assessed by their dermatologist and they will recommend products for your skin condition. Is that Kate Upton as their ambassador?

KD Medical: Manufacturer of special appliances for the home. Their hit product, Lady Rhea Aqua Clean provides 2 skin function. It cleanses and moisturises the skin.

Left: Lady-Rhea Aqua. Top Right: Titanium cooler. Bottom Right: Soaps
When they showed me a demo, I’m impressed with Lady Rhea Aqua Clean. It has powerful suctions, able to suck out blackhead and whiteheads effectively but left the skin slightly red. Next a titanium cooler stick is used, and I’m impressed again as the skin’s calmed down immediately. Oh yeah, their soaps are on discount, please get one for me.

TOUCHBeauty: A UK brand established in 1999, it focuses on beauty and personal care devices.

At home beauty devices by TouchBeauty. On the left is the 24K face roller for a V shaped face.

B&B Labs: Supply and distribute professional & retail skincare to beauty salons. They are the leader in using Asian ingredients in Pro-Cosmeceutical, targeted at Pre-mature Aging & Problem skin.

J.Kao: A brand established by Jean Kao, a Taiwan celebrity. The product JKao Ultra Performance Instant Reviving Mask Efficiency only needs 5 minutes to replenish lost moisturise in your skin.

Taiwan celebrity Jean Kao is so stunning in real life! Her brand – JKao represents elegant and fearless launches its first product: Ultra Performance Instant Reviving Mask which she uses everyday.

Organique Skincare: Organic skincare line with Organic Certification and uses its famous 100% natural Olinda spring water in all products.

Bubbly sales attendant explaining their products, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Certified organic, their products take some time to see results as it is super gentle.

Mein Cosmetics: Specialises in Korea cosmetics and are the only official distributor for Age20’s in Malaysia. So anywhere else you see online selling this product may or may not be the original product.

Age 20’s cushion foundation is best seller in Korea – I’m sure you heard of this right? It’s transfer proof, sweat proof and I need it in my life now. I have oily skin, and every time I answer the phone, my foundation sticks to the screen >.<“

Colour Istguru by Guangzhou ShangZhuang Cosmetics: Professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing enterprises.

Colour Istguru has cute packagings for their makeup line. Look at the heart shaped blushes or their highlighter/contour shaped like a wave. I saw a black lipstick that goes on PINK depending on your skin tone or temperature. So everyone has a unique shade. Major love.

HAiRiZON by Create Hub: Leading distributor in the hair and beauty industry with products offering ranges form chemicals to hardware and equipment. Brands include L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Matrix, ATS, Artizta, Keyra.

Photo taken by JW Solutions. Look at all the different brands they offered with discounts.

Kala Image: Wholesaler company established in 2014 distributing nail, eyelash, hand and foot care products. Brands include DIAMI, THUYA, TALLY, AAA.

Photo taken by JW Solutions.

Re Birth Nail Paradise: Nail factory founded since 2010, Miss OLY is a new professional nail supply for gel nail polish. Their products are exported to several country like Europe, America, South America, Russia, Japan and South Korea.

Photo taken by JW Solutions. We were given free gel manicures and I love the colours.

DOMO HAIR by Warmsum Hair Products Group: The world’s leading brand of non-surgical hair replacements. Offering realistic hair replacement system at affordable prices.

Photo taken by JW Solutions. Clients can swim, shower and do exercise with Domo Hair!

Hair Rock: Leading company in the hair, beauty and wellness industry. Provides a wide range of the latest technology, and best quality professional hair, beauty and wellness products, accessories, saloon furniture and equipment.

Photo taken by JW Solutions.

There are booths providing eyebrow embroidery and botox and fillers at a fraction of a price! I was really tempted to try out botox for a slimmer jawline. It’s an interesting expo and I’ll definitely be going again next year! See you there next year okay 🙂

Ending this blog post with a toilet selfie haha.



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