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A few weeks ago, I am invited to a facial workshop – AHA-GINN Magic Treatment Face DetoxSlim. The workshop uses products from GINNSkin. This skincare line GINNSkin, comes from the founder’s name: Ginnie Lam.  Ginnie Lam created this skincare( developed over 10 years) to help everyone suffering from acne like herself.  Among the long list of achievements she had, she’s Director and Founder of Beauty and Aesthetic Group, has a diploma in Nutrition, Beautician, Practical Chinese Med, staff training manager and a slimming consultant of a listed company!

Ginnie Lam hails from HK and is the founder Ginn International (Ginn Skin, Ginn Apparel, Ginn Academy, Ginn Artistry). She’s also Mrs. International champion 2014 and columnist for several beauty magazines.

GINN means the truth in Chinese and highlights how Chinese herbs as ingredients exemplify beautiful skin. GINNSkin products do not contain hormones, metallic elements, artificial ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types as it’s nourishing, gentle, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, anti-allergic and is suitable for even pregnant women.

Nicholas Pang(left) as translator. Ginnie Lam(centre) explaining the product. Alice is the beautician and Joanne Wee enjoying the facial.

The workshop is conducted in Cantonese and Nic kindly translated it to English. Joanne Wee from JW Solutions volunteered to be the model for the facial where only half of her face received treatment using GINNSkin products. While Ginnie explains GinnSkin products and their uses, Alice apply the products on Joanne’s face.

Here, Ginnie explains how we get pimples: not enough exfoliation of dead skin cells and sebum blocking the pores leading to inflammation.

First, the makeup is removed using Natural Pro Cleansing Milk. Next, Pure Amino Acid Face Wash is used to further cleanse the face. This is an amino acid based cleanser that forms a rich creamy lather to purify the skin for a bright and healthy complexion.

Look, we are so focused listening to Ginnie explain. Haha.
Here, Alice massages Joanne’s face using upward strokes to ‘lift’ and reduce water retention.

After that comes the star product of GINNSkin series- highly recommended by Ginnie Lam herself. Herbal magic gel mask is Ginnie’s favourite as it’s an all rounder mask. If you need a mask for sunburn, stressed skin, anti-itchy, purify, whitening, hydration, or anti-wrinkle this is the mask. The texture is hydra gel and super cooling to the skin and smells minty and herbal- a little like the chinese medicine ‘Bao Fu Ling’. This mask is applied to the face and remove after 15 minutes.

The star product, herbal mask is passed around for us to test it out. It smells like chinese medicine and super cooling to touch with watery texture and absorbed into the skin instantly.

After masking, Treatment Essence Water is used. The essence contains Cedar wood oil, Witch Hazel Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen. A tip from Ginnie herself: when applying the toner, use your fingertips and palm to tap your face for 30 minutes! The oxygen levels and blood circulation improves for radiant skin and reduces water retention too. After that, follow up with Polypeptide Eye Serum and Hyaluronic Face Serum to balance the skin. Finally, apply Peptide Eye Cream and Peptide Face Cream to condition the skin. Lastly, apply the Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 to protect the skin. The sunscreen is lightly tinted and brighten up the skin.

Sunscreen testing. A little goes a long way. This slightly brighten the skin but cannot ‘rub’ too much otherwise it will flake.

The final result is very impressive. I can see that Joanne’s face is much slimmer, lifted, brighter and less dull. Even the eye bag and dark eye circles is less obvious.

Model Joanne Wee. Right: no treatment. Left: After facial treatment.

At the end of the workshop, we were given a bag of products with 4 items(Herbal Mask, SPF50 Lotion, Peptide Eye Serum, Peptide Face Cream) to try. I can’t wait to try them out so stay tuned for my detailed reviews. Recently, I’ve been testing out new masks so I might have an allergic reaction and these products might help me right?

Ginnie is so down to earth and very sweet. She’s making sure we know how to use the products at home. Each of us is holding a red goodie bag containing 4 products for us to try.
Group picture with Ginnie Lam. Did you know Ginnie has 3 kids and still have such a slim figure!

Thanks JW Solutions and Ginnie for the workshop invitation. Do check out their website for more information/ testimonials for the products. The Ginn Fairy Club Membership costs HKD2,000 for 5 years, which is redeemable for their products.

How do I look today… with baby blue eyes? I used the app to edit it 🙂

So what’s a blog post without my selfie? I’m very vain ok lol. I arrived early at the venue and I just had time to selfie.

*Stay tuned for my detailed review on the products*

Venue: WSpace at North Point, Mid Valley City
Photo credits: GinnSkin Photographers

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