About Me

Hi there! My name is Karen and I’m from Malaysia.

Hmm, I started this blog…. out of boredom? It seems like the trend of blogging is dying which is kinda sad but I’m still gonna continue blogging for eternity. LOL. This is my online diary, a corner I retreat to as I love to write. I’m rather forgetful after having a baby, so this sort of document stuffs down la. So whatever grabs my attention goes into this blog.

Currently I have a huge HUGE obsession with skincare. I have oily but dehydrated skin and sensitive skin. When I’m stressed or lack of sleep, acne and pimples decide to join the party as well. FML. Then I have to be itchy try here try there so might as well start a review on the products I use right? XD Skincare obsession currently is SK-II.

Because I’m vain, I buy lots of makeup and…even breast product so once a while, you might see a review on it LOL. I weigh less that 40kg, but even if I gained weight, the weight never ‘goes to the area I wanted’. Shit. But I didn’t wanna have a boob job, because its painful. All natural okay? So I’m alway on the hunt for the next booblicious product.

Oh I also love food, especially Japanese buffet. I can eat non-stop for 1 hour LOL. If I have to choose to stick to one type of food for the rest of my life, I’m gonna go for salmon sashimi. Its a close race between kimchi another favourite of mine. Be warned, maybe there’s lots of sushi posts and don’t read my blog when you’re hungry.

Little Ethan, my son born on 11.11.2016 is a huge part of my life so he will be appearing often here 🙂

I do hope that I’ll be able to update frequently. If you’ve come across my blog, what are you doing here? I’m guessing my families are the ones curious what I’m up to.

Let’s be friends and share your stories with me too! My email is karenchua9759@gmail.com

Virtual hugs,