Bon Appetit

The Muffin House

It was Hari Raya and I got bored of all the home cooked food. Don’t get me wrong, the food is delicious but I wanted something else for a change. So, little sister drove us around to find some food but it was really hard to find. Most of the shops are closed due to public holidays so our choice are limited.
We chose a cafe that had the most crowd so the food should be ‘edible’. That cafe is called The Muffin House. Upon entering, the staff greeted us politely and my first impression is this place is super spacious. I lived in HK and all the restaurant table are so closely arranged together that it only allows one person to walk at a time. LOL. Compared to other cafes, it is also much more spacious. But I suppose it is perfect for catch ups which our conversations will not be overheard by nosy ‘neighbour’ and relax as they provided magazines, manga for customers. I had a quick browse and they have One Piece, Doraemon and Old Master Q comics! The last one is my favourite as it reminds me of my childhood.
A staff came over and took my orders: Tomato soup and Salmon Fillet with Pineapple Mayo dressing. The soup was seasoned lightly with herbs and was so aromatic and delicious. The main dish I ordered   came out plated prettily. Look at the picture below! I was impressed as I had low expectation as this cafe is located in Seremban. I really recommend the pineapple mayo dressing as it is their secret sauce which you couldn’t get it anywhere else. Mama liked the dressing so much we considered buying it so we can use it for our salad. However, I was slightly disappointed with the fish as the skin isn’t crispy enough.
Salmon Fillet with Pineapple Mayo dressing. Salad on the side, salmon fillet on top of sweet juicy pineapple with a dollop of dressing, mashed potato seasoned with pepper and extra dressing on the side.

This is a really nice and comfy place to catch up with friends and the best thing is there’s no service charge nor GST. Overall, I had a great experience as food is served quickly – 15 minutes top.
Date visited: 6th July 2016
Address: No.17-G, Matrix Court, Jalan Manickvasagam, Negeri Sembilan, Seremban, Malaysia

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