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Giving Birth Experience Part 2

As you can tell from the title, this post is a continuation from here.

When someone usually asks me, is giving birth painful? I just answer yes and never go into detail. I’m the first in the family to be pregnant so naturally my elder sister asked me the same question. I didn’t tell her the whole experience until she gave birth and I asked her… how was it? LOL. It’s good to be prepared but knowing too much about the pain, how bloody it’ll be and dreading it since it will be what you’ll be going through sooner or later is stressful for mummy to be.

When I did prenatal checkups, Queen Elizabeth Hospital(QEH) gave me a booklet detailing what’s available to me during during labour so I’m prepared. There’s even pros and cons in it. I also did lots of stairs climbing (all the way to 21st floor with hubby watching over me) which I believe helps with the speed of dilation. I went on youtube, watching other women giving birth. Hubby was comforting me saying “See it’s easy, not that painful…” then quickly switch another channel. He accidentally showed me the doctor made a small cut and it was all bloody… oops. Terrible idea.

Place: Queen Elizabeth Hospital(QEH), Labour ward Date: 11.11.2016 5:30am
There are 3 nurses trying to strap my tummy so they can monitor mine and baby’s heart beat. Meanwhile, I’m dying to go to the bathroom. I insisted that I can still stand, walk to the toilet even though I’m 3cm dilated.The nurse is surprised but nevertheless denied my request and inserted an urinary catheter instead. Seriously, it wasn’t that painful at this stage and I swear I can still walk around.

When the nurses strapped me in, they gave me my first choice – laughing gas. They told me they will be outside looking at the monitors of mine/baby’s heartbeat while waiting until I’m fully dilated. My husband arrived then and I felt much better. As time passes by, the contractions got stronger but still bearable. Inhaling the laughing gas is a great choice; it made me lightheaded and numbs the pain but I can still feel the contractions. A male doctor came in to check my dilation and he’s quite rude. He just stuck his finger in – I winced and he said – “giving birth is like that”. WTH lol.

The next thing I know, a female doctor came in and nurse told me she’s going to help me – by breaking the water. She asks me if i wanted to and I shake my head. They ignore me and continued to do so anyway. Why bother asking me? I think the doctor is annoyed I don’t want her help lol. She just stuck her finger in very roughly sweeping left and right and the water broke.

The contractions are much more frequent, stronger and the laughing gas didn’t seem to numb the pain. I couldn’t take in the pain and requested for my second choice-pain relief injection. The nurses gave it to me by injecting it into my thigh… but it didn’t seem to help at all. My hubby is in pain too, because I held onto his hand so tightly. LOL. As a last resort, I requested for epidural. After waiting for sometime, they didn’t give it to me. I asked a nurse and she said, after explaining the side effect, I rejected using epidural. I said no, I want the epidural. GIVE IT TO ME. I can hear the nurses discussing at the doorway. “She’s 8cm dilated, don’t give it to her. She won’t know.” WTF. I HEARD IT, but still no epidural for me 🙁

Next thing I know, the contraction has stopped- it’s no longer painful and I felt the urge to push. Just keep pushing, just keep pushing… I reached down and felt lots of hair lol. The nurse told be the baby’s position makes it really hard for me to push him out and if she could turn him by inserting her hand in me. I said NO I DON’T WANT. I don’t want any more pain lol. So I am pushing in a really awkward position- legs in the air, with knee tucked in. I felt a snip but strangely I couldn’t feel any pain – probably in shock. It is quite funny to me as I saw my husband retreated a few steps due to all the blood ahahahahah.

I gave a really hard push. The closest feeling I can describe is giving birth feels like constipation. You keep pushing and pushing, finally the massive poop came out. LOL. But this is Ethan, my baby boy. He weighs 8.8lbs or 4.08kg! I feel so proud I gave birth to him naturally.

It’s not over yet – I don’t have anymore energy but I know I still need to ‘give birth’ to the placenta. The placenta looked like liver but much more bloody and its the size of my palm! Luckily, this stage passed quickly and the nurse stitch me back up and it is painful that I needed the laughing gas again. I just feel like sleeping for 3 days and 3 nights after this is over. It’s exhausting!

When everything is over, hubby told me I FAINTED A FEW TIMES from the pain. I didn’t even know…my brain did a good job blocking out the pain. Now I think back, no wonder time passes so quickly. I was in the labour ward for 6+ hours. My husband tell me that I was disoriented, I keep telling the nurses to “go away, I don’t want” but I didn’t swear at them. I’m so surprised I’m so mild manner.

Hey my little baby Ethan. This is our first family portrait taken by QEH staff. Sorry mama looked like shit okay. lol

So how was your experience? Let’s share!


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